Where there is scarcity, we become more alert and more grateful, more cautious about its possible disappearance. Whether it’s the things we long for or the people we love, scarcity makes our attachment infinitely greater. It’s the latter, the attachment to people that interests me today, the day before Thanksgiving. … More Homecoming


Thanksgiving 11-25-15

If you read the news you’re bound to feel anxious and depressed. You’d have to be a psychopath not to feel that way. The world is plenty grim through the eyes of the media, and it’s always been that way. It was the same in the 1800’s and in Roman times, nothing’s changed. We seek … More Thanksgiving 11-25-15

Meet Ezra Schwartz.

Meet Ezra Schwartz. He’s eighteen and spending his gap year in Israel, just like my own children did. At least he was until yesterday. Now he’s dead. Ezra was murdered by fanatics, on the spree of unrelenting bloodlust that’s happening right now in the Jewish State. I am troubled beyond the ability of words to … More Meet Ezra Schwartz.

Paris/Beirut/Tel-Aviv & the Failure of Language

The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein famously said:“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” When you think about the violence that has struck Paris, or Tel Aviv, or Beirut, in recent days, know one thing; the people that use the word “terrorism” to describe what happened haven’t read much Ludwig Wittgenstein. How … More Paris/Beirut/Tel-Aviv & the Failure of Language