Why I Love Donald Trump

August 2000. Seattle, Washington.

It’s been a great couple of weeks. I’ve recently been invited by a Seattle radio station to play a special concert for their listeners. Besides a nice fee for my performance, they’ve offered me first class airline tickets and two nights at the Four Seasons. What’s more, I’ve just begun composing for a new television show called, Judging Amy.

Before I leave for the airport my agent calls and says he needs a copy of the theme song I’ve just written for the show “in a hurry,” he says, because Tyne Daly, one of the co-stars of Judging Amy will be appearing on the Rosie O’Donnell show this afternoon.

I’ve always been of fan Rosie’s. I especially liked her performance in Sleepless In Seattle and I’m excited to listen to my brand new theme song played on her show today.

I get to my hotel room just in time. I set down my bags, plop myself on the king-sized bed, fluff some pillows up under my head, and turn on the TV. The Rosie O’Donnell show is already airing.

Before too long Tyne Daly makes her appearance and she sits down on the couch next to Rosie. Unfortunately, it seems as though the producers have opted not to use my music.

The very first thing Rosie says to Tyne is,

“I love your new show Judging Amy, but who wrote your horrible theme song?”

I turn up the volume. Maybe I wasn’t hearing properly. But again, Rosie asks,

“I mean it, it’s just so bad; who wrote your God-awful theme song?”

Rosie is looking directly at the camera now and smiling in a way that seems very mean-spirited. It appears as if she’s addressing the question to me personally.

Next, she hits a button and sure enough, the theme song I wrote for Judging Amy comes on, full blast.

“Did you hear that?” she asks the audience. “Isn’t it absolute crap?”

Then she hits another button and on comes the theme song from Cagney & Lacy, Tyne’s show from a few years back, and says, “Now that’s a theme song!”

All politics aside. I love Donald Trump because he hates Rosie O’Donnell.


Listen to the original Judging Amy theme song.


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Donald Trump

  1. You’re right, it’s never possible. The thing is, the best comedy turns the joke on oneself. It’s been sixteen years since this happened. Imagine. And considering I was over the sting of it in about a day or so, there is only a funny story here, no lasting scars.

    But I am left with the impression that our dear RO might be better served if she were able, at some point, to reign in her more cruel tendencies. Same goes for Donald Trump of course – and for all of us.

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