Race Music

My Grandma Rose came to America from Romania on a boat when she was twelve years old with my uncle Sol, who was nine. For those of us who travel across oceans, watching our choice of the latest movies in the comfort of a modern aircraft, the enormity of that perilous trip is impossible to … More Race Music

Saint Louis Park

I was born in a place that some people call Saint Jewish Park. A name some wise-ass anti-Semite bestowed on my town because of its too large, 11 percent, Jewish population. The town’s real name is Saint Louis Park, but as far as I know no one living or dead has ever known who St. … More Saint Louis Park

The Psychics

A year after my dad died and a year before our band, Sussman Lawrence left for New York, I got a call from a woman named Ruth Grosh to write some songs for a therapeutic teddy bear she’d dreamed up called Spinoza Bear. Ruth, a bona fide subversive by nature, had chosen to name her … More The Psychics

Why I Love Donald Trump

August 2000. Seattle, Washington. It’s been a great couple of weeks. I’ve recently been invited by a Seattle radio station to play a special concert for their listeners. Besides a nice fee for my performance, they’ve offered me first class airline tickets and two nights at the Four Seasons. What’s more, I’ve just begun composing … More Why I Love Donald Trump

Boom Boom

I’m conked out on American flight 1860, soon to be en route to Chicago. I had just over an hour of sleep last night. My sole and pathetic dream was that I’d missed the plane. When we pull back from the gate I’m startled awake and seated between two attractive young women. The one to … More Boom Boom