The UnfetteredDream (Finding and pursuing your passion in three simple steps)

Knowing what we want out of life used to be so primal. We were hungry so we cried for our mother’s milk. We were cold, we cried for warmth. We were afraid, we cried to be comforted. Where does that simplicity end? Most of us live a life of relative abundance. We have access to resources … More The UnfetteredDream (Finding and pursuing your passion in three simple steps)

Democracy, The Sitcom

I don’t watch much television. It’s not that I don’t like it; I do, everyone does. It’s that I know what it is and because I do, I’ve learned to avert my eyes. At least somewhat. Television is the salt, fat, and sugar of the entertainment world. It’s what we crave. Hell, it’s what we’ve … More Democracy, The Sitcom

Consensus 31 B.

America is the sum of our agreement. It’s a name given to the ground under our AmericanFeet. Like, the cocker spaniel, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Like, French’s Mustard, The New Jersey Turnpike and Cabernet Sauvignon. Like, The State of Israel, ISIS, and Carvel. Like The Kama Sutra, baked Alaska, and the Iliad. Ideas about which, … More Consensus 31 B.

Jerome Walks

Jerome walks.   His mother was beautiful and so he searches for beauty.   For the young this is never hard.   (Moon-cast shadows, cat’s eye marbles, purple plums. Rita in the summer of ‘74 ascending.)   But later, beauty hides. More often than not, Jerome finds only its opposite.   (Faces turned away, barely concealed … More Jerome Walks


I know you suffer like me, with your sensitive fingertips. Like they’re  Geiger Counters beeping at every radio active flaw. Put on some blinders brother, get yourself some relief. You know their names, what they look like, and how they charm.   Do I have to spell it out for you?   Fact is, if … More Blinders


At least we can hear the rain. It falls and pools along the house. First in sheets, then in drops, and now in smoke-like mist. No matter, there is constancy in your breath. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand… And in the slow small drum of your heart. And inside the Earth itself, … More Constancy

The TransMuting

My cell phone rang; it was my mother’s number. I picked it up and heard the voice of a young black man, “help me,” it pleaded. My wife, still in tears and shock, with her new hands covering her eyes, was screaming wordlessly, low and rough-voiced. … More The TransMuting

Stained Red

I’m stained red. As are you. Stained red by time’s swift passing. Ever wonder about those marks on our throats and on our hands? They come from windburn, from desert frost, and from searing light. We got them while we were rocketing on the Bonneville Salt Flats at 600 hundred miles per hour; with a turbo jet … More Stained Red