I feel you in my atoms.

pointsI feel you in my atoms

deep inside the sparks.

Down where the electricity

moves in waves and arcs.


I know you at my center

at the essence of it all.

Submerged inside my memory

beyond my mind’s recall.


Joined at the start of time

wed at our nuclear joints

unbroken as the sky above us

a single line between two points.


I tell you this for no reason

I’m just struck by a startling fact;

us, traversing through the clamor

and remaining so intact.


And as the moon blushed faint this morning

I felt a part of some larger whole

stirred with a warmth inside me,

felt connected to your soul.


I feel you in my atoms

where gravity has no hold.

Where time has no dominion,

where all miracles unfold


We search for some great mystery

beyond the place where logic stands.

Forgetting that a potent wonder

rests in the palms of our hands.


I struggle to collect myself

as if suspended in midair.

Waiting for the wisdom,

to feel what’s already there

















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