diablo 17 copy

I know you suffer like me, with your sensitive fingertips.

Like they’re  Geiger Counters beeping at every radio active flaw.

Put on some blinders brother, get yourself some relief. You know their names, what they look like, and how they charm.


Do I have to spell it out for you?


Fact is, if we don’t put the damn things on, our eyes’ll sting like acid and we’ll wake up quick.

Blinders, the tsunami of sedatives; they make us creep through the world like sleepwalkers.


And what do we get for using them?


A pain in the heart,

a shattered innocence

and an impatience that rivals that of any wild animal.


And what do we get for not using them?


A vision without haze,
without glare

And every last thing, finally coming into focus. But don’t think you can watch for more than a second or so.

But once you see, you’ve got a chance to finally live as a human being.


Listen to Blinders as a spoken word track here.


One thought on “Blinders

  1. What makes ignorance, bliss – isn’t merely that it comes sans the burden of knowing . . . it’s also that you get to be oblivious of just how much blissful ignorance there actually is all around you.

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