Consensus 31 B.

lo Grasping At Straws

America is the sum of our agreement.

It’s a name given to the ground under our AmericanFeet.

Like, the cocker spaniel, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Like, French’s Mustard, The New Jersey Turnpike and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Like, The State of Israel, ISIS, and Carvel.

Like The Kama Sutra, baked Alaska, and the Iliad.

Ideas about which, we have come to some consensus.

Visions with names, names set to words.

Words set to assumptions. Assumptions set to actions.

The Peugeot Corporation doesn’t exist either. It’s just an idea we agree upon, a notion that we (mostly) support. Take it away and you have only,

A car.

We wage war, we declare money: important, we cure meat and polio, we stare at Donald Trump, and we listen to Howlin Wolf and we think of it all as real.

And who is this entity called, You and I but the joining of interests and aligned attraction?

If not for our agreement would we be able to give names to anything?

Would anything be?






One thought on “Consensus 31 B.

  1. BF Skinner, noted for his pioneering of behavioral psychology, talks about relationships occurring in a string of dyadic exchanges.

    Walker Percy, novelist and physician, suggested that relationships unfold in triads – Percy believed that the negotiation of language as symbol was the key third component.

    C.S. Lewis said that there are things that are *real* . . . and then there are things that are *really real*

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