And when we’d finished our Hamm’s we threw the empties into the blaze and watched them turn red and later, melt.

Kyle, a born artist, made a sculpture of Jesus with molten glass that he’d shaped with a stick. When he cooled it in the water it hissed and made a small cloud of steam. … More Duluth



Lately something’s always waking me up. Tonight it’s the sound of my dog’s ears flip-flapping on the side of his head. You know that thing dogs do when they move their heads side to side really fast, like some South American percussion instrument? There’s moonlight pouring in through the open door in our bedroom and … More Insomniac

The Penitent’s Note

Wearing tallis and teffilin near the front of the Shul, proctologist Steven Rice M.D. looked up once at the ark where the Torahs were kept and began the penitential prayer. “We have transgressed, we have acted perfidiously, we have robbed, we have slandered. We have acted perversely and wickedly, we have willfully sinned… The text … More The Penitent’s Note


It leads up past the sandy soil, out beyond the screeching murder of airborne crows, and through the first whispers of morning light. Finally, it runs lonely and sometimes broken-hearted, to the edge of what is like —but is not, ocean.

I employ the word ‘ocean’ only to allude to vastness, and to danger, and to something, which by its essential darkness covers and hides. The thing that it covers is love.

Now you might say, ‘Love isn’t hidden. It is known.’ I don’t believe it is known. Not like the Kung Pao, not like the alto sax, not like the languor.

We grasp for those things and then stuff them in our mouths. And soon afterwards, when they’ve performed their slight-magic upon us, they leave and we retreat. Or we drop from a great false sky… (I’m never sure which) back into a state of need. … More Slight-Magic