Split Screen

November 21, 2010 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   It’s late Sunday afternoon. A cold wind rises off the Allegheny and snakes around the tall buildings that ring the heart of the city. It blows so hard that the white prayer shawl, which serves as the wedding canopy, is in danger of blowing into the darkening sky. … More Split Screen

Watching My Brother Fly

The Target Trails were so named for the Target retail store, the first in the nation in fact, that sat in front of it. It was a wooded area that had been partially cleared to leave a dusty ten or so acres of dirt trails, perfect for young motocross aficionados. As soon as the snow melted in spring you could hear the high whine of the bikes on weekends and after school. There were all manner of jumps too, made of mounds of compressed dirt where a rider could get as high as nine or ten feet and land in a cloud of dust, smoke, and heroism. The Target Trails is where my brother Paul first fell in love, or to be precise, where at fifteen years old, he first found balance and and confidence. It’s also where I started to fall in love, as any good younger brother should, with him. … More Watching My Brother Fly


I must confess.   I spend so much time feigning achievement when in fact what I’d like to do more than anything is lie in bed and watch TV.   And with the windows open and a warm wind making the curtains billow once in a while have someone beautiful bring me fried chicken, (and … More Achievement


  October 1976. Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. I’m sixteen and I’ve begun growing a beard in an effort to look older. I’m shooting for twenty-one, but I’d settle for eighteen —the legal drinking age in Minnesota. My beard is still thin in places and since I have a date tonight with Lisa A., an especially attractive … More Mascara

Trembling in the Beams (from the 2008 release: The Mystery & the Hum)

Listen to the song here.   This old house has so much silver I can’t escape from my face I call down the hallway And my voice just echoes in space   But I always stayed with you didn’t I? While the others they up and left By now you know that my soul yearns … More Trembling in the Beams (from the 2008 release: The Mystery & the Hum)

The Angry Ones

  As from a pistol fury flies off from the dark. A million and more words each one hits its mark. Sweating and infected watch him as he runs. He’s just like us he’s one of the angry ones.   The time for putting things right has come and gone. Everything is set to change … More The Angry Ones

A Cure For the Politics of Rage

Creativity is about making ideas come alive, ideas, which by their nature, promote goodness and kindness. True, they might well consist of pottery or writing poetry, but they could just as easily consist of calling a friend who’s down, checking in on an elderly person who has no one to talk to. It also could mean studying a new language, or attending a class in filmmaking. It could mean getting on the Internet to find out how to use your skills as a mechanic or athlete to help underprivileged high school kids. Creativity means being fully alive in a given moment and being responsive to the world around you. … More A Cure For the Politics of Rage