Let’s Make America Great Again

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Listen here.


Let’s make America great again

Let’s make insolence a virtue too.

Whoever shouts the loudest

Is the one who’s brave and true.


Let’s champion the iconoclast

Who’ll run things his own way.

Common sense and decency

Are just ideas from a bygone day.


We need someone with opinions

All they need to be is strong.

Who gives a damn about logic?

Who cares about right and wrong?


Let’s go to the edge of reason

Let’s put our faith in a big cartoon.

Let’s watch our hopes rise up like helium

Our minds like a hot-air balloon.


Let’s make America great again

Let’s not worry about details

A big noise is all that’s important

Who cares if this succeeds or fails?


We need a proven deal-maker

Someone we all can trust

Let’s go for broke this time my friends

Who cares if the country goes bust?


We need more miles of fences

We need more animus and bile.

We need a proven winner

To take us that extra mile.


We need someone who’ll do anything

To make it to the top of the heap.

Once the borders are secure

We can all finally get some sleep.


Let’s make America great again

Let’s fill our minds with fear

Let’s put our weight behind the one

Who’ll make our worries disappear.


Let’s make America great!










3 thoughts on “Let’s Make America Great Again

  1. Let’s make America great again.
    Let’s shut the mouth of opposition.
    If Mexico won’t pay for the wall,
    Round up the Spics and Muslims
    and charge them with sedition.
    Make it easier to sue the press
    If with me they disagree.
    Throw them all in a place that the sun don’t shine
    Like that greedy self centered brain that sits inside of me..

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