The Lack of Judgment



The exam is upon us


The pressure builds, the tension mounts.

Everything, everyone is judged.


It’s Judgment Day, the Day of Reckoning.

Who shall sink, who shall swim, who shall thrive & who shall perish?


No one is safe here and that’s the way the judges like it


You want to stay close, to have, as they say: “a relationship?”

Your choices are one of two — to strengthen or diminish.


Oh how the judges love the latter.


It’s so much easier to call someone out, to politely recommend,

to faithfully instruct, to guide and to educate, to grind into the dirt.


So much easier than doing something oneself.


And this is how one becomes a judge, or a critic or an Observer:


Armed with keen eyes, and on the look out for

flaws, scratches, dents and dings

the single note that comes forth out of tune or out of time

you rear back, take aim, and with all your might you yell…


“Stop, you’re doing it wrong!”


Let me be the first to say, the good you reap is outweighed a 1000 times by the pain you sow.


The pain, you see… causes fear, fear causes inertia, inertia causes lack and

Lack is how we got here in the first place.




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