Dung Shack and the Liberty Palace


I am the owner of two dwellings, the Dung shack and the Liberty Palace.

In the Dung Shack live my fears

and in the Liberty Palace, my hopes.

You’d think I’d spend most of my time in the Liberty Palace, but in fact, I do not.

Do you feel, as I do, that freedom can be cold and aloof? ‘Take me or leave me, it says, ‘I change for no one.’

As for fear, there is nothing quite so seductive. It’s alive and warm and calls out to you as though it had a human voice.

Fear, you see, wants you very much, and makes you always feel welcome.

That’s why, far too often, I dwell in the Dung Shack, a place one would be wise to avoid.


One thought on “Dung Shack and the Liberty Palace

  1. Peter, very keen insight, my friend. In a perverse way, we are far more drawn to the company of fear, than to take a chance on hope. Fear offers a predictable state of affairs – everything gone to shit! But hope – well that’s just a wild ride to God only knows where . . . and likely won’t last anyway (we even allow fear to have the last word).

    I think this election season, more than validates your point . . .

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