A Text To My Daughter After The Election


It’s 5:30 AM on the East Coast and my daughter just texted me: “I’m horrified are you?”

…I’m very surprised, not horrified and don’t you be. Politicians and politics in general, are pretty weird, some of them are quite corrupt. But thankfully we have a robust system of checks and balances that even now, with calm intention, will work to keep even the worst (and we don’t really know everything about our new president) from getting too outta hand.

Everything goes on as before. The sun rises and sets, soon rain will fall and then snow. Birds will fly and babies will laugh at their mothers and then call out for milk.

It’s just odd that half the country’s voters (obviously more than half) believed that they wanted a change in leadership. Seems like they were afraid of losing something, of being overrun and overlooked, so they went out and voted. Ok, so be it. It’s America. You get to vote for whomever you wish. There’s beauty in that.

People were afraid of some change to come, something they saw on the horizon. So they voted for someone totally new, that might arrest or delay that change. It’s not our choice or our belief, but there it is.

Half of our country cannot be, and is not deplorable. They are neither ignorant or evil. You’ve got to remember that. If not, our democracy falls.

The good folks at the DNC also had a stake in this. They put all their chips on only one possible candidate. There was hubris there, there was a bit of haste perhaps. Hillary Clinton did her absolute best, but clearly she lacked some essential quality that was necessary for her to win. And truly, in the end, her message was: “I am not him.” It wasn’t strong enough apparently. It never is.

So today you will go to work and do what you can to make people feel more calm. It’s what leaders do in a challenging situation, and you should see yourself as a leader. Drink some coffee, eat some quinoa, go to the gym, breathe, pray and start your day.

The sky hasn’t fallen – and it won’t fall. God is still creating the world at every moment. And in spite of what the newscasters want you to believe we will not fall off the edge of the cliff.

I love you lil’ sweet pup and everything will be ok, I promise. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

(As a post script to this, my daughter, who studied Farsi at Columbia University has, just this morning, signed up to teach English to Persian Muslim immigrants. My intention with writing the text to her wasn’t to suggest that we should all be sanguine about this election, but rather, we should – with great courage – act to make life richer for ourselves and others at this crucial moment in our nation’s history.)


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