What Are Your Elephant Ropes?


“In India, elephant handlers train baby elephants to be submissive by chaining them to a post. The baby elephants fight with all their will to break free. Day in and day out they try, but eventually they just give up. When they become adults they no longer need chains to tie them in place; just a thin rope will do. Of course an adult elephant, with its tremendous strength, is perfectly capable of breaking the rope, but since its experiences as a baby have convinced it otherwise, it never tries. This is is how some circus trainers keep elephants captive.

In many ways we’re not much different from those elephants. Our own painful past experiences are capable of limiting us in a similar fashion, and it’s worth taking a look at some of the ropes each of us has tied around our own ankles.”

To learn more: www.letmeoutbook.com


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